Nokia – Own Voice

The functionality of Own Voice uniquely allows anyone in the family to become the star voice of your car’s GPS audio. To promote the Own Voice custom satellite navigation application, W+K put together the first family-oriented digital marketing initiative for Nokia. Similar to the Own Voice functionality,┬ákids were encouraged through a simple story to always listen and trust their own voice when embarking on adventures on the road and out into the world.

We wrote, illustrated, and produced a pop-up book for digital influencers to read to their young children, which provided a unique piece of entertainment value while also underscoring the brand message. Included inside of the book was a brand new Nokia N8, pre-loaded with the application, for journalists and bloggers to test out. Within the first 24 hours of outreach we had a 75% opt-in rate, which is significantly higher than the standard rates for similar outreach efforts (35-45%), and are now in the midst of campaign that includes participants from Australia, Belgium, Canada, India, Israel, Russia, Mexico, The UK and The US.

Client: Nokia, Agency: Wieden+Kennedy, Illustrations: Nate Coonrod

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