MNF – A Game of Catch

To celebrate Monday night football and give 9-to-5′ers a brief respite from the workweek grind, ESPN and Wieden + Kennedy invited pedestrians in New York, Boston and Chicago to partake in a virtual game of catch.

As part of its “Is it Monday yet?” campaign for Monday night football, W+K installed interactive and gesture-recognizing touch screens on various storefronts that challenged pedestrians to play a game of virtual catch with the quarterbacks from the upcoming Monday Night Football matchup.

The screens were also outfitted with yardage markers that track and encourage passersby to play. The game gives players a choice of two quarterback opponents and features rankings, allowing players to compete for first place on the national leaderboard. Throughout each game, players hear commentary on their catches and fumbles from an ESPN talent.

Client: ESPN, Agency: Wieden+Kennedy

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