Coca-Cola – Happiness Factory

Inspired by one of the most successful Coca-Cola commercials in years, AKQA embarked on a mission to bring the magic of the Happiness Factory to the online world.

At the beginning of the process, the biggest challenge was coming up with a digital idea that would transcend cultural boundaries on a global scale. So we turned to something that everyone around the world could relate to. Work. Almost everyone in the world has to work for a living. But unfortunately, most people don’t actually like their jobs.

But what if we could turn work into play? What if we could reverse the annoyance of having a job, and turn it into a fun and enjoyable experience?

We decided to announce that the Happiness Factory is Now Hiring. Our goal was to turn passive fans of the Happiness Factory into engaged, interactive employees. They could then visit the factory. Get an inside look at the specific job. Apply for a position. And most importantly, have a hilarious time at work while making the most famous beverage on the planet.

Translated into over 40 languages and accompanied by a comprehensive online and offline marketing campaign, the Happiness Factory is now open for business.

Client: Coca-Cola, Agency: AKQA

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