Taco Bell – Taco Emoji Engine

Taco Bell and Deutsch L.A. are debuting a social-marketing blitz that celebrates the recent launch of the long-awaited taco emoji. The Irvine, Calif.-based brand said that it has created 600 pieces of unique content. Eventually, all of the content will then be posted to ta.co, its recently-revamped website.

Here’s how it works: People who tweet a picture of a taco emoji with another emoji at the brand’s account, for instance, will automatically be sent back a photo or GIF mashing up the two images. If folks tweet a picture of a taco and smiley face, they will then receive an image of a taco wearing sunglasses. In another scenario, tweeting an image of a taco and a satellite sends back a GIF of a satellite shooting out tacos.

Meanwhile, Taco Bell has been advocating for taco-shaped emojis since November 2014 when it set up a Change.org petition. The petition collected more than 33,000 signatures before the Unicode Consortium designed a taco emoji in June.

Excerpt: Adweek

Client: Taco Bell, Agency: Deutsch LA


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