Airbnb Trips

Airbnb used to let you just book room rentals. Now you can also use Airbnb to reserve dance parties in Havana, historical tours in Cape Town and stargazing outings in Los Angeles.

Airbnb is expanding beyond its core short-term rental business to become a full service travel agency. In a step toward that, the company launched a service called Trips, which will provide tours, tailored activities and other experiences.

Trips is starting with 500 experiences that can last a few hours or span days. They are created and provided by locals in the 12 cities where the service is initially being offered.

Trips helps travelers “immerse in a local community,” Brian Chesky, the chief executive and co-founder of Airbnb, said at the company’s annual conference for hosts and the press.

“We bring places to life through the people who live there.”

Role: From collaborating on the early conceptual idea, to shaping the content strategy and creative direction, to creating 353 unique experience trailers in countries across the world, it was an honor to be part of the next evolutionary step of Airbnb.

Excerpt from the NY Times.

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